ABA Accreditation

ABA is authorized in the U.S. to accredit schools of architecture. We are proud to announce the accreditation of our first school.  Adroit School of Architecture recently became the first school to achieve ABA accreditation as an ABA pilot program.  The purpose of our pilot school is to serve as proof of ALP. ABA is excited to have 21 more schools interested in accreditation.

We are seeking other volunteer schools that are interested in ABA accreditation for wide recognition as an accrediting body. Institutional leaders may contact us directly for more information on the application process.

Release of Standards

  • ABA is releasing the full accreditation and alignment with licensing as a member benefit to schools applying for ABA accreditation.

  • We are releasing selective information to state boards that have issued a Support Statement for alternative licensing path to promote innovation through competition.

  • We are releasing ABA Accreditation Ranks and 3-Step Examination to boards willing to adopt ABA as a licensing path.

Accreditation Goals

  • Achieve recognition by the United States Department of Education as a means of providing financial aid.

  • Increase the skills and knowledge of the architect for public safety and Gainful Employment. Redefining of the Neo-Architect.

  • Strategic alignment with licensing requirements of Health, Safety and Welfare of the public.

  • Balanced curriculum with design, arts, building codes, construction laws, materials, engineering, and much more.

  • Preservation of general education requirements.

  • Preservation of design studio with theoretical projects permitting cognitive growth

  • Separation between ABA and state boards to limit standardized education.

  • Ensure institutional privacy. ABA provides a confidential route for colleges with respect to innovative ideas, curriculum and proprietary education models being secured.

  • Licensure requirements for at least 80% of all architectural faculty or a 5-year plan for schools to reach this goal.

  • On-campus clinics of internships or externships. With one year working on a construction site.

  • Elimination for independent schools to file for regional accreditation.

  • Promoting the development of new architecture schools without the traditional 5-year wait period for architectural accreditation.

  • Improving public safety by producing competent graduates ready for the profession.


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