Direct Licensing Path™

About ABA

Direct Licensing Path (DLP) is an intelligent, systematic alignment of licensing and degree requirements yielding skillful architects.

DLP further focuses on a dire need for fair and ethical exam structure, as well as, license requirements for architectural faculty – which in turn will improve moral, ensure higher quality of education and reinforce the need for licensure in graduates

ABA Commissions

ABA is organized into two distinct Commissions each charged with the following specific tasks:

  • Commission A: Accreditation Commission

  • Commission X: Examination Commission

Updated Jan 3, 2018


Objectives of ABA

  • Uphold the integrity and merit of the architecture profession through a system that yields skillful architects.

  • Develop an alternative licensing path for state adoption. 

  • Write fair and ethical licensing exams to test the skill and knowledge required by an architect.

  • Create logical accreditation standard for architecture schools aligned with the profession.

  • Maintain a separation between ABA and the state boards to prevent a financial monopoly, conflict of interest, and give hierarchy to public safety.

  • Reform state boards to ensure a transparent, non-conflicting, and qualified representation of the public. State board members should not serve as agents of confederations or conflicting organizations collecting revenue from candidate failure.  Board members deciding on accreditation should hold a college degree.  Unbiased State boards will allow ABA to compete with NCARB-NAAB as permitted by US antitrust laws.  Competition will end the reign of a monopoly by offering schools and candidates the freedom of choice.

  • Create a licensing path that leads to gainful employment to practice architecture in the U.S. for both national and foreign architects.

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