Mission Statement

"Providing the framework to foster the most innovative and skillful generation of architects." Professor Kazmi, ABA Atlas


Licensure process to bring back the Master Architect. 

The American Board of Architecture is a non-profit 501(c) organization serving as a board of the architecture profession chartered in September 2014, ABA is founded by a distinguished group of educators and professionals with a vision of betterment for the architecture profession through the development of  superior accreditation standards. ABA has now entered its second formative stage.  Access to the standards.

ABA Accreditation Commission is now authorized to accredit schools of architecture in the US.  

The Board is creating fair competition to break the current monopoly on the architecture licensing process. Since ABA's Call for 50-Architects, we have received an outpouring of public support validating the dire need for a competitive process.  Learn more...

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